The Key Factors Affecting the Life of Bronze Sculpture

Jul. 22, 2021

When it comes to Bronze Sculpture, people naturally think of the small crafts that can be seen everywhere in daily life and sculptures throughout the city, but the range of bronze sculpture art in Tongling is more than that, copper is suitable as a collection of such sex, plasticity, aesthetics, sterilization, recyclable resources and materials for cultural heritage and other factors, so we have to admit the widespread use of copper. 

Bronze sculpture crafts have a long history and a wide variety of goods. A variety of bronze sculpture figures, bronze sculpture plants, bronze Buddha statues, bronze bells, bronze Baoding incense burners, bronze reliefs, bronze sculpture crafts, etc., has become increasingly common in all walks of life, not only play an important decorative role in the environment, but also has a variety of meanings, especially in the construction industry. Bronze sculpture products are the main decorative sculpture. Bronze sculpture products, whether placed indoors or outdoors, should be cleaned every day. Maintenance is essential to prevent contact with acid and alkali chemicals, and the environment in which they are placed must adhere to dryness, no purification, no external damage, and prevent collision when moving, etc.

Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture

Marble Sculpture also plays a huge role in the city, decorating every corner of the city, adding a lot of luster to the city. People know how to enjoy it, if they appreciate it. Sculpture itself is the medium for the highlight of the human spirit and inner spiritual world today, and the combination of architecture and sculpture today is not simply a patchwork, but compliments each other in a co-composed environment.

We must understand that the maintenance of a cast bronze sculpture is also extremely important. The environment in which it is located must be kept dry and free of dust and air pollutants. The temperature of the greenhouse where it is located is controlled at 18°C-24°C and the humidity is controlled at 40%-50%. When maintaining the cast bronze sculpture, it must learn to resist some harmful chemicals from the outside world. Bronze sculpture crafts are widely distributed around the world, but the production process is not the same, the standard of copper content is also different, and of course the effect is different. If the copper content of the whole bronze sculpture craft is too high, even up to 100%, it is unrealistic. On the contrary, if the copper content is too low, various problems will occur, such as affecting the color of the finished product or being relatively easy to corrode.

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