How to Clean the Bronze Sculpture?

Apr. 22, 2021

As a Bronze Sculpture Manufacturer, share with you.

Bronze is an alloy usually made of copper and tin. It is a strong and durable metal with many uses. Over time, when the bronze is exposed to the elements, it loses its luster and loses its luster, forming a green patina that covers the surface of the bronze. Although sometimes bronze can increase the depth and size of a bronze sculpture, many people find it undesirable.

Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture

Cleaning the dust on your Bronze Sculpture is a must and, as mentioned above, should be done very carefully. For ordinary cleaning, soap and water are unparalleled! Just use a soft cloth to clean the bronze sculpture in warm water and soap, and gently wipe off the dirt and grime on the object. Before carefully wiping and storing the bronze sculpture, make sure to rinse the soap thoroughly.

Wipe the items with a jewelry cleaning cloth after wearing, which can minimize rust and protect the bronze jewelry from dust and dirt.

If you wish to keep the patina on the bronze sculpture, you can do this. The patina actually helps prevent further corrosion of the bronze sculpture. The light green layer can make your bronze sculpture look beautiful and add vintage charm.

However, if your sculpture has lost its luster, then you will need to clean it more carefully. Use commercial cleaners as little as possible, and be as gentle as possible when scrubbing, so that as little metal as possible can be removed.

If you find that the rust is stubborn, you can use a polishing wheel on a rotating tool, or use a polishing pad with a vibrating tool. However, if you choose to do this, please be careful, removing too much metal under the varnish will change the overall shape of the sculpture. Of course, you may not have such a tool, which means you need a professional to complete this task for you.

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