Will Bronze Sculptures Lose Their Luster?

Apr. 17, 2021

As a Famous Bronze Sculptures Suppliers, share with you. The unusual properties of bronze alloys expand slightly before solidification, which is one of the main reasons why countless craftsmen have loved using bronze for hundreds of years. Compared with other metals, this feature allows craftsmen to produce the most exquisite details with less trouble and effort. In addition, most bronze alloys also shrink a little when they are cooled, which also makes them easy to release from the mold.

Bronze Sculptures

Bronze Sculptures

Unfortunately,rust on bronze is caused by a chemical reaction between metals in the alloy and exposure to acid through air, moisture or contact, and is usually green.Artists usually like these colors because they give the sculpture a certain depth and personality.

However, bronze is not always appreciated, especially if you want the bronze of the sculpture to shine. To avoid this discoloration, you may need to consider a few steps:

Place the Bronze Sculpture in an area with low humidity.

Protect the sculpture from household dust and other corrosive materials.

Avoid touching or carrying the sculpture.

Avoid contact with paint or fabric.

When storing bronze sculptures, please use plastic covers.

Use a soft cloth or toothbrush to dust the bronze sculpture regularly.

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