Four Basic Methods of Sculpture

Dec. 29, 2020

In Relief Sculpture, sculptors mainly use four basic techniques: roughly divided into carving, assembly, modeling and casting. In short, these processes are all subtractive, that is, material is removed. Or carve it out.

The first kind of carving: carving is the residual material formed by cutting or cutting off some excess material from a large amount of stone or other hard materials. Engraving is a process of reduction, it is a process of subtraction, the material is systematically eliminated from the outside to the inside.

The second is the casting method: it is a sculpture made from a molten material usually made of metal, then poured into a mold, and then the mold is cooled to harden the metal. Bronze Sculpture Casting is usually used.

Bronze Sculpture Casting

Bronze Sculpture Casting

The third type of modeling: modeling sculptures are made of plastic, sometimes by molding on the armature. Modeling is an additional process.

Final assembly: During the assembly process, the sculptor needs to collect a lot of information and add different materials to create the assembled sculpture. For example, a large relief requires meticulous details from the material to the entire process control, and assembly is also an additional process.

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