Important bronze sculptures in Chinese history

Apr. 17, 2020

Important bronze sculptures in Chinese history include the Xi Zhou Dynasty's "Baiju" Li, the late Shang Dynasty's "Sima Wuding" and the Han Dynasty's "Ma Tat Fei Yan".

Bronze carving crafts spread all over the north and south of the river, Putian bronze carving, Tangxian bronze carving and so on. In the Putian bronze sculpture art, the texture and pattern of the cast copper pieces are not bad. The super large traditional bronze sculpture can be accurate even if it is up to 108 meters. At the Meifeng Temple in Putian, there was a bronze bell cast by the famous artisan Cai Tong in the twenty-fifth year of Song Shaoxing (1155). The sound was loud when struck, and it could be transmitted to 20 kilometers away in five hours, and the sound was gentle and poetic. Praise: "Where the bell sounds Xiaoyan, there is no sky above the Mei Temple ... The voiceless sound can be divided into yin and yang things, and the Cai Shixian was remembered back then." So it is called the "Mei Temple Morning Bell" and became the twenty-four scenes of Putian one.


Important bronze sculptures in Chinese history

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